BGRC Safari Park Forest Land Cover

Meet our cute chatty birds and let their sweet chirping serenade you. Like to try feeding our mighty bears? Here’s the place to experience it.  The Reptile Zone is an exciting place to have a closer look at the different species of snakes too. Do enjoy the peaceful walk along Primate Trail and catch the mischievous primates looking for your attention.

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Our must see animals at Forest Land!

BGRC Safari Park Monkey

Cotton Top Tamarin

Belongs to the ‘New World’ Monkeys and have a vocal repertoire of 38 distinct sounds! Want to know if they are excited to see you? See if their hair stand.

Golden Eagle

In medieval Europe golden eagles are referred to as royal eagles. It is also one of the best-known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the most widely distributed species of eagle. These majestic birds range from Mexico through much of western North America as far north as Alaska; they also appear in the east but are uncommon. Golden eagles are also found in Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe.

BGRC Safari Park Bear

Brown Bear

Brown bears often figure into the literature of Europe and North America, in particular that which is written for children however they can be dangerous to humans, particularly if surprised or if a person gets between a mother bear and her cubs. It should be noted that despite their enormous size, brown bears are extremely fast, having been clocked at speeds of 50 kilometres per hour.


Did you know that birds have hollow bones which help them fly. Apart from that they have feathers, wings, lay eggs and are warm blooded. Some bird species are intelligent enough to create and use tools too. Around 10000 different species of birds  are there worldwide!

and so many more… So come visit us today!


Safari Park Operation Hours

Fridays – Sundays:
10:00am – 6:00pm

Closed on other days


Summer Season

A food court which serves all-time local favourites and some great western delights. A choice for everyone!


BGRC Express Transfer Service

Express Transfer Service
(Park Entry Only)

Embark from Theme Park Station
(Safari Park Arrival Lobby)

Disembark at Village Station
(Foreign Village District)

Ticket rate: RM2 per trip
Last trip: 5:00pm

Park Service Counter

Our customer service team is always ready to serve you.

BGRC Safari Park Ambassador

Park Ambassadors

Our amazing team of park ambassadors will be delighted to share information of our animals and help make your visit an exciting experience.


  • Adult (13-59 years old): RM28  RM20
  • Child (4-12 years old): RM18  RM15
  • Senior Citizen (60 years and above): RM18  RM15

Save Up to 30%!!!

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