Birth Of White Lion Draws Contest To Name It

Birth Of White Lion Draws Contest To Name It

KUANTAN: Bukit Gambang Safari Park is roaring with pride over the birth of its first born white lion cub in Malaysia.

In conjunction with the historic and memorable occasion, the Bukit Gambang Resort City management is inviting the public to come up with a suitable name for the cub.

Its park manager Shahrul Hizal Hamid said a contest dubbed “Name the Newborn White Lion Cub” is ongoing until the end of the month.
“We hope to attract as many participants as possible to join us in celebrating this special and meaningful occasion.

“The participant with the most attractive and catchy name stands to win four entry tickets into the Safari Park,” he said in an interview.

Shahrul said a panel of judges comprising its general manager Wong Joon Teck and marketing and communications manager Karen Tan would vet the applications to select the winner.

On the white lion, he said the predatory animal was a rare colour mutation of the Kruger subspecies of lion (panthera leo krugeri) found in some wildlife reserves in South Africa.

“White lions are not albinos. Their white colour is caused by a recessive trait derived from a less-severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism, distinct from the gene responsible for white tigers.

“They vary from blonde to near-white,” he explained.

Shahrul said the birth of the lion cub indicated that the park’s management and its staff were carrying out the right practices in caring for these animals under its custody in accordance to the guidelines stipulated by the authorities.

He said its in-house veterinary had given the cub its first neo-natal examination.

“The examination allows the veterinary to determine the weight and overall condition of the cub. In addition, the cub was also tagged with a microchip for identification purposes,” he said.

The park, located within Bukit Gambang Resort City, was officially opened to the public recently.

Despite being new, the variety of animals have been there for several months prior to opening as part of the familiarisation and acclimatisation exercise.

Those interested to enter the contest can visit its website at
For further information, contact 016-988 4769 or 016-921 5730.